Prof. An-Chi LIU

Distinguished Chair Professor, Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science, Feng Chia University



Prof. Ya-Ting YANG

Director, Innovative Digital Content Research Center, National Cheng Kung University



Prof. Chao-Hsi HUANG

Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Ilan University

Organising Committee

Prof. Chiung-Hui CHIU (Graduate Institute of Information and Computer Education, National Taiwan Normal University)
Dr. Lu-Mei WANG (Director, Office of Industry-Academia Cooperation, Feng Chia University)
Prof. Nien-Lin HSUEH (Director, Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science, Feng Chia University)
Prof. Shu-Ping CHANG (Department of Multimedia Design, Chihlee University of Technology)

Program Committee

Prof. Chi-Syan LIN (Department of Information and Learning Technology, National University of Tainan)
Prof. Chia-Nien LIU (Dean, office of Instructional Media, National Open University)
Prof. Chiu-Pin LIN (Institute of Learning Science and Technologies, National Tsing Hua University)
Prof. Chung-Hsiung LAI (Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Cheng Kung University)
Prof. Dar-Yeong JU (Director, The Center for Digital Learning, National Ilan University)
Prof. Hong-Ta YANG (Director, Center for Development of Teaching and Learning, National Chung Hsing University)
Dr. Hou-Yi TING (Section Chief, Teaching Development Division, Teaching and Learning Center, Soochow University)
Prof. Hsi-Hsun YANG (Department of Digital Media Design, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology)
Prof. Hsiao-Shen WANG (Dean, College of Science, National TaiChung University of Education)
Prof. Huei-Ru LIN (Section Chief, Division Of E-Learning And Teaching, Center for Faculty Development and Instructional Resources, Tzu Chi University)
Prof. Jeen-Shing WANG (Department of Electrical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University)
Prof. Meng-Yuh CHENG (Director, Teaching and Learning Center, Dayeh University)
Prof. Mei-Ling WANG (Graduate Institute of Library, Information and Archival Studies, National Chengchi University)
Prof. Sheng-Kai YIN (Section Chief, Information Education Section, Office of Library and Information, Cheng Shiu University)
Prof. Sy-Chyi WANG (Department of E-learning Design and Management, National Chiayi University)
Prof. Tsong-Zen LIU (Director, Library and information Center, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism)
Prof. Yun-Chieh LIN (Department of Applied Economics and Management, National Ilan University)
Prof. Ying-Hong WANG (Section Chief, Distance Education Development Section, Center for Learning and Teaching, Teaching and Learning Center, Tamkang University)